I'm DiogoNogueira,

a front-end developer who choseto hard code his life.


Player pity tracking system image
Genshin Pity Tracker

A project which main goal was to have a dedicated platform to note down and track each player's current pities. (number of pulls for a character in Genshin impact)

website preview
Branding Champs

Astro built website to consume League of Legends' API and check champions' informations. (WORK IN PROGRESS)

authenticated user profile playlists preview
Night Talk

Social network based on music taste. Uses Spotify Provider for authentication. (WORK IN PROGRESS)

website preview
Social Links

A Linktr.ee looking website with my social media links

todo cli app in go
Learning Go Lang

A Monorepo of small Go Lang projects used for studying purposes

lol client preview
Lol Client (UI)

A game's client user interface. (WORK IN PROGRESS)

image of one of the rocketseat's community projects
Rseat Vault

A small group of projects hosted by Rocketseat