I'm DiogoNogueira,

a front-end developer who choseto hard code his life.


Cex Test Agenda preview
Cex Test Agenda

A tests order management project.

App Preview
Encryption App

A simple app to encrypt and decrypt data using AES-256-CBC algorithm. (Made for College)

Preview of one of the funny CSS snippets
Funny CSS

A small group of funny css snippets

lol client preview
Lol Client (UI)

A game's client user interface. (WORK IN PROGRESS)

image of one of the rocketseat's community projects
Rocketseatâ„¢ Vault

A small group of projects hosted by Rocketseat

Preview of the todo app
Svelte Todo

A simple todo app made with SvelteKit

todo cli app in go
Learning Go Lang

A Monorepo of small Go Lang projects used for studying purposes